Existing Batman Arkham Knight PC Reviews Flagged as Pre-Release by WB

Who doesn’t know about the blunder that Warner Bros. made with the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight; the game was so bad that it had to be taken off of Steam and reworked (possibly) in its entirety.

After toiling hard for a number of months, it appears that the developers finally have a stable and presentable version of the game which is being sent out to the users.

However, when the previous version of Batman Arkham Knight was put up on Steam, did you expect the users to agree not to review it because the game was bad? Of course not, there were tons of extremely negative reviews about the game.

So now, when the developers are putting it back up on Steam, what they have started to do is mark all those negative reviews as “pre-release reviews.”

If it was any other game that had done so, the developers would have been bashed for it; but some argue that Batman Arkham Knight had to be taken off of Steam so it is an exception.

Interestingly, it was not the first game to have faced such issues although it is probably the first game to mark post-release reviews as pre-release after they have rectified the game’s bugs.

What do you make of this? Wouldn’t it be better if they had labelled them “pre-patch” instead of “pre-release?”