Creative Director of Mafia 3 Reveals More Details About the Game

Now that we know Mafia 3 is coming there are many questions that fans want answering about the game. Creative Director Haden Blackman has been answering some of these questions, teasing what is to come when it finally releases.

Game Informer have been featuring the game all month, and as this comes to an end they’ve ended it with a Q&A session with Blackman, to get to some of the meatier details about the game. Here are some of the things he revealed:

  • There will be a tutorial for the game, but don’t expect it to take place in Vietnam like the World War 2 section of Mafia 2. The focus for the new tutorial is to introduce the player to New Orleans and the new characters.
  • The time span for the game will be around nine months, and while there will be weather changes don’t expect anything like snow. Most weather effects will come in the form of rain and how vehicles handle during that time.
  • There will be a possibility of more reunions in Mafia 3 though this cannot be confirmed or denied at this time.
  • Storylines from the second game will be featured up to a point, like what happened to Joe.
  • There will be collectables in the game, much like the Playboy magazines from the second game. There will be a greater variety of these in Mafia 3.
  • The question of torture was raised, and this may be used in the interrogation scenes for the game. There will be celebration of this method of information retrieval though, especially if it turns violent.
  • As with other open world games side missions can be completed after the main story is complete.

Are you looking forward to Mafia 3? Let us know your thoughts below.