Assassins’ Creed Syndicate World War I The Darkest Hour Sidequest Guide

During Sequence 6 in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, you’ll be able to warp ahead to World War I and play as Jacob’s granddaughter. This leap in time offers a variety of new adventures, of which the first is a quest known as ‘The Darkest House’.

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Assassins’ Creed Syndicate World War I The Darkest Hour

In order to initiate this quest, you’ll need to follow a time rift icon on your map during Sequence 6. It’s on a barge in the middle of The Thames, as far-east on the river as possible. Inspect the rift to begin this quest.

The Darkest Hour

You’ll need to start off by investigating the house. You start off on the first floor of a house where an unknown man – the one you apparently just killed – is sliding off a dining table and onto a floor.

You are Jacob’s granddaughter here, Lydia. The year is 1916, and it’s World War I.

Kill the Spies
As you ascend the stairs, activate Eagle Vision to spot three spies. These spies need to be eliminated. Activate the generator that sits in the next room. Two of the spies will come to investigate the generator problem.

Assassinate them, then assassinate the final spy as well. You’ll come across Winston Churchill and his guards. It seems you two will be working together from now onwards.

Steal the Information
Next up, you’re going to be stealing some information. Once you regain control of Lydia, you’ll be in a room where have of the walls are blown away. Use Eagle Vision to identify who holds the radio information here.

It seems that you also have the same Rope Launcher as Evie and Jacob, so use that to reach the top of the house. Observe the three locations on the map from the top of the house. You’re going to have to go to all of them to steal the information.

The first is the guarded crane. Zipline to the crane platform and activate the generator here to get some attention of the guard. Assassinate him to receive the radio information. Next, Zipline to the Templar boat.

Toss a smoke on it and defeat everyone there and loot the radio information. Zipline out of the boat there to the bridge, and then blend into the crowd on the ground.

There’s a soldier speaking on top of a tank. Wait for the solider to pass by and stealthily steal the information from him.

Kill the Spies
Rope Launch and zipline across the bridge to reach the north tower here. Careful, you’re in 1916, so there are snipers here.

Drop down from the north side of the north tower to find a series of open windows above a large window ledge. Take cover behind the windows, and shoot hallucinogenic darts into the spies inside to have them kill each other.

Once done, use the radio on the table on the left part of the room to contact Winston Churchill.

Reach the Antiaircraft Gun
Your next objective is to reach the antiaircraft gun. Exit out of the east window and perform a Leap of Faith into the haystack. There’s a boat outfitted with an anti-aircraft gun that pulls directly below you.

Head to the boat. After that, take control of the antiaircraft gun. It’s time to shoot some enemy planes. There are two waves of the plane. Make sure to take cover behind the gun shield whenever you get attack by the plane’s powerful machine-gun.

As soon as the dive is completed, start to shoot the plane. The first wave has one plane to destroy, while the second has two. After destroying these planes, the Templars will board your ship. Leave the gun and kill the three Templars.

Now, it’s time to blow up five more planes.

Repeat the same process you’ve learned to destroy the planes, and watch as friendlies take down the zeppelin. This will end The Darkest Hour sidequest, and will open up new World War I sections such as Spy Hunts and Spy Hideouts.