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Xbox’s Major Nelson Teases Fallout 4 Fans with a Pip-Boy and Xbox One Reveal

It seems that we see something about Fallout 4 everyday now, though not actual gameplay footage. Today we got to see what the Pip-Boy Special Edition looks like along with a very special looking Xbox One.

The Fallout 4 Xbox One and the Pip-Boy collection can be seen in a tweet posted by Larry Hryb, also known as Xbox’s Major Nelson:

While this Xbox One is not available to buy, it does look like the one that had been given away in previous competitions that was running until the end of Summer. Sitting alongside the Pip-Boy it looks very impressive and I’m sure that plenty of fans would love to get a hold of one. Personally I’d like to see a Fallout Xbox One looking slightly more worn and abused by the ravages of the post-apocalyptic wastelands.

With the Paris Games Week being dominated by Sony at the moment, it comes as no surprise that Microsoft will tease things like this, just to get some attention for their console, and quite rightly so. With the release of not only Fallout 4 but Rise of the Tomb Raider also coming soon along with plenty of other games Xbox One fans should have some fun too.

With Fallout 4 only about two weeks away now, the hype surrounding the game is high. Not long now before Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC owners get to exit the Vault and venture into the Wastelands.

Are you looking forward to Fallout 4? What are your thoughts on the Fallout 4 Xbox One? Let us know below.