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Xbox One Backward Compatibility DLC Access Details Revealed

With the backwards compatibility coming to Xbox One in November, one of the promises from Microsoft is that the DLC for the games will also work. Now they’ve revealed some details about just how this will happen.

It will be no surprise that you access the DLC you will have to own it. If not, you’ll have to purchase it through or an Xbox 360 console. GameInformer contacted Microsoft about being able to do this through the Xbox One, and the reply was that isn’t going to happen “yet”.

“Right now, Backward Compatibility does not emulate the Xbox 360 store and new Xbox 360 games can be purchased on your Xbox 360 or via,” a representative told us via email. We confirmed that this is universal, and all DLC will be supported and automatically downloaded to your Xbox One along with supported games.

“We will support both digital and disc-based entitlements for Xbox 360 games running on Xbox One,”

If you are having any problems when trying to download DLC on the Preview program go to “My Games and Apps”, select the game you want to install the DLC for and pick “Manage Game”. This should reveal the DLC that you own and have relevant rights for.

So if you own the DLC you will be safe, and for those who have moved from Xbox 360 straight to Xbox One, and kept the same account you’ll no doubt have plenty ready to be downloaded. If you created a new account though you’ll have to buy the DLC all over again.

Do you think Microsoft should allow for buying DLC through the Xbox One interface, or are you happy with the details above? Let us know your thoughts below.