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Street Fighter 5 Fight Money by Daily Goals, Individual Character Leveling Discussed

Street Fighter 5 is not going be released until 2016, but we are all eager. So while we wait, lets discuss some of the new details that have been shared with us by Capcom recently.

First of all, the new Fight Money system was explained by the developers as a medium that will be used to reward regular players who clock in considerable time with the game.

You will be able to earn Fight Money in two ways, one is by completing daily goals, while the other is by leveling up characters individually.

Each day a player logs into the Street Fighter V client, they will be assigned a new daily goal. Daily goals should be easily achievable in in one play session, and will award Fight Money based on their difficulty.

Three examples of daily goals were given:

  • Land X number of Hadokens
  • Land X number of anti-air attacks
  • Land X number crush-counter hits

In order to let Street Fighter 5 players earn fight money in singleplayer as well as multiplayer mode both, they will also “players to earn Fight Money by leveling up individual characters in a variety of modes.”

So every time you level up a character, expect to get awarded fight money.

Street Fighter 5 is being developed for PS4 and PC.