Nintendo’s First Mobile Games Won’t Include Mario

Nintendo are set to have their second quarter investor meeting today at 9:00pm Eastern Time and rumour has it that they will be revealing a move to mobile games. While this will be an interesting move, don’t expect Mario to appear too soon though.

In a series of tweets by Tokyo-based video game analyst Dr. Sekan Toto some interesting details. As always these are from his “sources” so can only be taken as rumours for now:



As his final tweet says, this should all be taken with a “grain of salt” but it is still an interesting move for Nintendo, and one we knew was coming. With this being the first real move into the world of mobile gaming, next year may be the time when we see the bigger news being revealed with the “big guns” making an appearance.

What are your thoughts on these rumours? Do they seem believable? Let us know your thoughts below.