Fallout 4 Pre-load Nears, Deals on Steam Version 22% off

Besides the potential baseball mini-game, Fallout 4 looks to have a wide variety of in-game trophies for you to collect.

As the post-apocalyptic game near release, Bethesda confirmed yesterday that pre-load will be an available feature for all platforms the game will be released on. While Xbox One pre-load is already live as of writing, PC gamers are left to wonder when they’ll be able to start prepping the 29GB download on their desktop.

Given we’re now less than two weeks away from release, third party digital retailers are ramping up deals for Fallout fans. Discount percentages are fairly decent as well with a 22% off drop at GMG and can go as high as 26% off at Funstock after coupon.

Fallout 4 PC Deals (Steam Keys):

Console gamers aren’t completely left out with big box retailers offering interesting bonuses for buying the game through them. Dell Home probably has the best offer, with a bonus $25 eGift Card Bonus.

Best Buy is offering a $10 Rewards Card for all platforms and is 20% off if you’re a Gamers Club Unlocked member.

Amazon on the other hand has a discount for Prime Members down to $52.99 – not a bad price all tings considered.

Fallout 4 Console Deals:

Note that even if you end up buying a PC physical DVD copy of Fallout 4, you will still need to deal with pre-load requirements of the game given it has been confirmed that not all the files of the game will be present in the DVDs you purchase. This, of course, is the ancient tried (and often failed) attempt to curtain piracy.

While it will be an inconvenience for those with slower Internet speed, we think it will be likely that PC gamers will be able to pre-load a good number of days before November 10th.