Destiny The Taken King: Last 3 Fragments are Rewards of Raid Challenges

Okay so we have been talking about the final 3 Fragments of Destiny The Taken King for a while now because Bungie wouldn’t. All that has changed now because someone finally decided to drop a line on them.

The first thing is that they are not going to be active right away. You will have to wait a while for them.

Luke Smith, the game designer for Bungie took to his Twitter with a post from the developers accompanied by a few lines of his own.

He mentioned a tweet from the official account of Bungie reading “Challenges are coming to King’s Fall soon – both Normal and Hard. For now, we’re working on how they’ll reward you,” and accompanied it with one of his own:

Raid Challenges are not currently active. Final 3 Fragments are among their rewards. More info in several weeks.

So there you have it. You have to wait for a few more weeks to get your hands on the Calcified Fragments.

In case you haven’t been introduced to Destiny The Taken King expansion, Calcified Fragments are a new type of collectibles that have been added to the game.

So yea, no more details on the Challenges or the final three Fragments yet. Keep waiting folks!