Destiny Player Defeats Crota with a Rock Band Drum Solo Performance

People who play Destiny will know that at one time Crota was a hard raid boss to get past. Playing the game solo and taking on a boss of his challenge is impressive, but what if it was done with a controller that is far from normal for such a game?

In a new video which you can see above YouTuber can be seen playing the game using a set of Rock Band drums instead of an actual controller. While not all of the fight is done by drumming, most of the battle involves the player rocking out in an impressive way.

As you can see, to actual move the character around the environment the smaller controls underneath the drums are needed, but for interaction such as shooting, jumping, crouching, and the super charged melee attack, the drum pads actually work good.

This form of interaction with the game isn’t recommended, and will probably take lots of practice to get right. I’m sure it’s worth a try if you are up to the challenge, but maybe it’s best to concentrate on actually playing the game rather than finding different ways to make it even harder.

This form of control for the game is reminiscent of the recent “Twitch plays…” games, such as Dark Souls that have been a surprising success. It will be interesting to see what people decide to play games with next, maybe even a car?

Are you impressed by the way Crota was drummed into submission? Let us know your thoughts on the battle below.