Sony Reveals PlayStation Plus League, Competitive eSports For PS Plus Users

It appears that Sony may have suddenly decided to move into the eSports business by launching a competitive PS4 platform called the PlayStation Plus League. Well, it’s sufficed to say that no one saw this coming.

Originally discovered by IGN, the PS Plus League seems to be exclusive to PS Plus subscribers and will be launching early in France according to the leaked official website.

Games listed among for the competitive matches include Battlefield Hardline, Rocket League, Street Fighter IV, FIFA 16 and Project Cars. The platform is set to launch with a €20,000 prize during Paris Games Week but that will not be the only instance where matches will take place.

The Project Cars website is already listing two tournament divisions where winners can compete for €50 and €150 in the silver and gold division respectively.

More information should be available tonight as Paris Games Week officially begins.