Saturn Emulator for Playstation 3 Cancelled

Emulators allow us to bring back games that fill our nostalgic memories. Sometimes the games they allow us to bring back, actually turn out to be good.

Black Z Studios were working on a Sega Saturn emulator for the Playstation 3 which would bring games such as Castlevania Akumajou Dracula X to Sony’s console. The only problem with this of course is getting the permission of the license holders, who don’t appear to be happy to just give the studios the rights to do this.

Game site Vandal have revealed that Black Z Studios have had to cancel the project after failing to get the rights from Sega. Obviously disappointing for fans of retro gaming, it’s a shame that the development has been blocked.

Using a proprietary system developed emulation that was created as a research and development project at the university of Malaga it was known as “zASM”. When released the system would be able to run at a video resolution of 720p, at 60Hz, and feature virtual 5.1 sound mapping.

Looking at the video that apparently shows the Castlevania game running on the emulator it does look impressive. With its availability through the PlayStation 3 system it would also be easy to use. Now that it has been cancelled though, the best bet for fans of the Saturn will be to use a PC emulator, though sourcing the actual games may not be so easy and can be costly.

What are your thoughts on this Saturn Emulator? Would you be interested in using something like that on a PlayStation 3 or other console? Let us know below.