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OverWatch Beta is Live On PC, Blizzard will Start Flagging Accounts Soon

PC exclusive team based shooter, Overwatch, has gone into beta. Developer Blizzard says that it will start flagging accounts soon but it may take some time.

Blizzard also said that there aren’t any beta keys so if anyone, any website, blog, Twitter users etc are offering it, kindly avoid.

The beta is live in North America and Europe. Other regions including Asia will have to wait some time. There are some things you should know about the beta before you jump in.

There is no fall damage, you can earn Ultimates via Dealing Damage, Taking Damage, Healing Damage and Shielding Damage. It will take 10 seconds before your character can respawn and headshots will cause 2x normal damage.

You won’t lose any progression when killed, but you will if you select a different hero. That’s it, are you participating in the beta?