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No Fallout 4 Demo, as it’s “Not Possible” says Bethesda

Demo version of games can be used to give a preview of an upcoming big release. Sometimes though this kind of small version of an overall experience can’t be just sliced up and released to gamers.

This appears to be the case with Fallout 4. When Bethesda’s Pete Hines was asked about a demo for Fallout 4, his answer really came as no surprise:

Looking at past Bethesda games, including the Fallout open world games they aren’t really built to allow for demo access. Some may argue against that of course with the release of the Dying Light demo which uses a similar style of open world, but that demo was released sometime after the original game came out.

So there will be no demo for Fallout 4, and to be fair I’m sure that many fans won’t be surprised by this. This will keep the games under wraps until we finally get to play the full thing and be immersed in the new wasteland for us to explore.

In the coming weeks we may get a launch trailer, and maybe some other game footage, but I doubt we’ll get to see too much from the game itself. It seems that Bethesda are happy to keep the game hidden so that we can enjoy the whole new experience without too many spoilers.

Are you looking forward to finally getting to play Fallout 4? What are your thoughts about the lack of demo? Let us know below.