NieR Automata is the Official Name of the New Nier Project

The new Nier project was originally revealed during the E3 presentation of Square Enix earlier this year, for bringing back old memories, it was applauded by everyone.

However, the game received its official name only now. Thanks to the latest issue of Famitsu magazine,, we now know that the game is going to be called NieR Automata.

While the game was featured in Famitsu, we were only given bits and pieces of its story. For instance, it was revealed that the earth in the game will be full of devastation and a battle between Living Machines and android YoRHa Unit will be the foreground of the story.

The Living Machines, as the name suggests are enemies of human kind.

Fans of Nier Automata will be intrigued to know that the game’s story is somehow going to be linked with Taro Yako’s stage play which incidentally is also named YoRHa. The stage play mentions the android Units as well as the Living Machines.

Here’s an excerpt from the summary of Taro Yoko’s stage play:

During the during the 14th Machine Armament War in the year 11,939AD, humans are near extinction. With the invasion of the “Living Machines”, humanity had no choice but to abandon the planet, taking refuge upon the Moon. Their only hope lie in an armada of specially configured androids called “YoRHa”. Programmed with human emotions and feelings, they descend upon the surface of the planet to combat the ceaseless onslaught of the Machines.

Keep checking back for more updates on Nier Automata.