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Launch Trailer for Star Wars Battlefront Full of Nostalgic Action

The new launch trailer has been revealed for Star Wars Battlefront and is as good as expected. Working off the nostalgia and hype around Star Wars at the moment there are also some nice reveals.

The trailer which is the same one that Sony revealed at the Paris Games Week press briefing not only showed off plenty of new gameplay but had first look reveals of the new heroes, Han Solo and Emperor Palpatine. While they were effective reveals, it did raise at least one question.

While this is just a trailer, it features Han Solo going up against Darth Vader, and as fans will know this fight would be horribly mismatched. Will we be seeing such a fight in the actual game? If so, then Solo will have to have some powerful firepower to take on the strength of Darth Vader.

Getting past the actual Star Wars details, and getting back to the gameplay after the successful beta we’ve now got more of an understanding of what to expect from the game. With not only footage of Hoth, but also Tattooine, and the forest moon of Endor, it is fair to say this is everything that the fans of Star Wars wanted to see.

With Star Wars Battlefront being released November 17 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One there is now less than a month until we finally get to play the game. Will it deliver everything that the fans expected? From what we see in the trailers and from experience in the beta, the answer is yes. Especially if DICE take notice of fan feedback and tweak a few details before the main release.

Does this trailer get you excited for the launch of the game? Let us know your thoughts below.