Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls PS4 will be at Paris Games Week

Good news from Paris Games Week! It appears that Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls PS4 are both going to be present at the event!

The developers of Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream have confirmed it themselves on their official Twitter account by posting a picture from their booth at the Paris Games Week where the game can be seen shining over the rest.

The images feature a demo for the game that is being played at the booth.

A little while after that, the developers also made a tweet for Beyond Two Souls, making an identical announcement. The tweet was accompanied by an image too. You can check them out at the link provided above.

Back in September Quantic Dreams had announced that “Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls PS4 release dates will be revealed soon now.”

Since that announcement was made for both of the games together, and now they have confirmed the demos from Paris Games Week together, we can assume that both of the titles will also get a release date on the event.

So tell us, are you excited about Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls releases on the PlayStation 4? Or do you have other titles that take priority in your mind?