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Halo 5: Guardians Skulls Locations ‘Gravelord Guide

Where to find all game-altering skulls in Halo 5: Guardians singleplayer campaign.

Halo 5: Guardians Skulls Locations

Skulls in Halo 5: Guardians allow you to change your singleplayer campaign experience in a variety of different ways.

Each mission in the game hosts one or two skulls, the detailed description of which is provided below:

Found in: Osiris
After you come in front of the door heading towards the Forerunner Security Station, check the ledge on the left side of the door to find it.

Black Eye
Found in: Blue Team
While you are near the Reactor Controls, use the large pipes to head in the side room and find a skull lying there.

Found in: Glassed
For this skull, you need to play on ‘Legendary’ and use the Scorpion in order to shoot down the Phaeton. You will find it in one of the three random locations around the Scorpion Garage.

Found in: Unconfirmed
You need to head inside the crawl space over the ceiling pipes connecting the outdoor quarry to the indoor area.

Found in: Evacuation
For this skull, you need to destroy all 5 traffic cones and find it lying on the ground during your final run towards the Pelican.

Grunt Party
Found in: Reunion
You will see a grunt on a lookout ledge near the first Covenant encounter – this grunt has the skull you seek.

Found in: Reunion
At the very end of the mission, head over to the Forerunner Platform and head right after coming out of Phaeton Canyon to find it.

Found in: Swords of Sanghelios
As soon as you exit the ruins over the sinkhole, you need to climb the broken pillars in order to find the skull lying on top of one of it.

Found in: Enemy Lines
This Skull is found inside the Kraken – near the Power Core. You need to use a Banshee in order to head inside and find it.

Found in: Battle of Sunaion
While you are inside the street where the Warden appears, dive down into the metal structure near the edge of the street and find the skull there.

Found in: Genesis
As soon as the first Warden appears, check a rocky formation near your location to find the skull.

Found in: The Breaking
About halfway through the mission, you need to check the area underneath the platform on which the Warden appears.

Tough Luck
Found in: Guardians
You will come across a ledge over the Gamma Core near Pelican wreckage. You need to search this area in order to find the last skull.