Destiny Weekly Reset for October 27 Detailed

Those of you who have been keeping track of what is going on with Destiny these days would have noticed the special Halloween event. However, there also is the latest Weekly Reset which has just gone live today i.e. October 27, 2015.

It is a little bit different this time around.

Firstly, you have the Weekly Nightfall which is the Sunless Cell. The modifiers included are Void Burn, Epic, Brawler, Juggler, and Ironclad. Moving on, the Weekly Heroic Playlist comes with Heroic and Fresh Troops.

In the court of Oryx, the Tier 3 boss, which was not known previously, has been revealed; it is Kagoor. Also, Prison of Elders comes with Level 32: Machine Wrath, and Level 34: Cult of the Worm. You can check out the images below for details.

Also, if you wish to know everything about the Destiny Weekly Reset in detail, here is a Reddit post dedicated to it.

Coming back to the Halloween themed event, Festival of the Lost, it brings you some additional Eververse Co. microtransactions among other things. Read up on it here.

In parallel news, the developers of Destiny have revealed recently that they are leaving behind Elemental Primaries for the future, here’s the reason why they think this is the right way forward.