Bungie Releases Life-sized Printable Destiny Masks For Halloween

With the arrival of Halloween, like so many other online games, Bungie’s popular online shooter Destiny also decided to go with the whole spooky and candy filled adventure theme.

To that effect, they not only decorated the whole Tower with Halloween related stuff but also altered some of the NPCs in the game like the Cryptarch.

Players can also change their appearance by donning on masks (at the cost of replacing their head slot item) shaped like various items or people in the Destiny world such as Engrams or even Xur (that mask actually does look cool).

But why just limit the fun to the online world? Bungie has also released full sized versions of some of the masks in game so that fans of the game can download, print them and make cutouts and then assemble the mask themselves.

Since it’s a full sized mask, fans can go out trick or treating while wearing them and finally be unique (the usual monsters and witches masks are getting boring no?).

You can download these Papercraft masks from here:

  • Engram
  • Speaker
  • Eris
  • Oryx