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Batman Arkham Knight Patch 1.10 in Live, Fixes Save Bug

Good news for all of you Batman Arkham Knight fans, if you were really tired of the critical save corrupting bug that was plaguing the PlayStation and Xbox One version of the game, developers have now fixed it!

The latest patch that got released for the game, version 1.10 to be specific, is what should be thanked for this.

We have picked up the patch notes for the update online but apparently, there is just this one issue that they refer to i.e. the problems being caused to save games due to Uncontainable for Crime Fighter Challenge Pack 2. Here’s what the developers had to say about it:

Version 1.10: Fixed Uncontainable from Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #2 causing damage to save games if playing an Arkham Episode afterwards. Please switch to a backup save if you’ve been affected by this – unfortunately your most recent progress can not be restored.

It is indeed sad that recent progress will be lost, but we are sure Batman Arkham Knight has enough juice for you to redo what you previously did.

That being said, while it is not confirmed, we have also picked up word that this patch is also going to take care of the suit damage bug in Batman Arkham Knight PS4 and Xbox One version.