Star Wars Battlefront Sales May Cross the 10 Million Mark Within a Year if New Infographic is Any Indication

Star Wars Battlefront Beta was recently held on different platforms. Beta was a huge hit as millions of fans participated and gave their feedback.

Final release of the game is slated for November 17 on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One; and if a new released infographic is any indication, Battlefront will see a high number of sales just like SuperData predicted.

Around 4 weeks ago, SuperData predicted that EA will manage to sell over 10 million units of Star Wars Battlefront in the first 12 months. While this is an optimistic prediction, Battlefront will still sell over 6 million units if we be pessimistic according to SuperData.

Let’s take a look at the details revealed via the infographic:

  • 9.5 Million Players Played Battlefront in Beta
  • Battlefront was played for 1.6 billion minutes
  • Darth Vader Spawns – 5,938,148
  • Luke Skywalker Spawns – 5,904,806
  • Force Choke Kills – 1,379,319
  • E-11 Blaster Kills – 293 million
  • Walkers Destroyed – 782,392
  • Top 3 Star Cards – Cycler Rifle (903.746), Thermal Detonator (574,048,232), Jump Pack (570,318,193)
  • 6 Million Players Unlocked Jump Pack

9.5 Million players played the beta so SuperData’s predictions aren’t a stretch. However, we’ll have to see how things go. Do you think Star Wars Battlefront will be a big of commercial success as SuperData predicts? I for one, surely think it is going be.