Sony Sending Out Surveys For New PS4 Features, PSN ID Change Might Finally Happen

Sony Computer Entertainment is asking select fans about what features they would like to see next on PlayStation 4. User on Gaf brought the news and shared a couple of pictures of the survey that holds potential PS4 features.

If we look at the images, we can see Sony asking about “Notifications When Friends Come Online.” If you remember, this feature was originally suppose to be a part of PS4,  a promotional video released by Sony before launch showed notifications when friends come online.

We aren’t sure why this basic feature was axed and hasn’t been talked about since, but it’s good to see Sony planning to add it.

Here’s the full list of features included in the survey:

  • Notifications when friends come online
  • Filtering options in game libraries (e.g. installed only, download only, genre)
  • PS2 Classics
  • Download avatars on PS4
  • Folders
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • PS1 Classics
  • Store wish list
  • ‘Appear offline’ mode
  • Increase max no. of people in a party
  • Hide/completely remove items from library (e.g. demos)
  • Change PSN ID
  • Delete items from your library

The biggest and probably the most wanted feature has to be “Change PSN ID.” Fans have been asking  for this since the dawn of PSN. Which one of these features would you like to see next?

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