No Man’s Sky Devs Are Still Working Hard, Creator Discusses Some More

No Man’s Sky developers have been busy making the game what they have promised, but the lack of updates should not be taken as a sign of a lack of development.

Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games and the creator of No Man’s Sky took to his official Twitter account and shared small tidbits of updates on the game.

Firstly, he added that “for those asking, we are still incredibly hard at work on No Man’s Sky, but it’s going really well.” So you can rest assured, the silence on part of the developers doesn’t mean you have anything too worry about.

Adding a little more about the long development period he said that “we get one shot to make this game, and we don’t want to mess it up” and added that they have not been very vocal on Reddit and similar platforms recently “because [they] are so focused making the game.”

Also, if you were also confused about news that No Man’s Sky is stealth releasing tomorrow, know that the rumor is untrue:

I heard that rumour that NMS is stealth releasing on Oct 27th. It is false

Someone inquired whether the game could get Early Access, but Murray doesn’t think that is a good idea:

We have given Early Access a lot of thought this year. It suits some games, but it’s not right for NMS

No Man’s Sky still doesn’t have a release date.