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Is The WWE 2K16 Review Embargo Date a Sign of 2K’s Lack of Confidence in it?

When a game’s release is imminent, one of the worrying signs for many are review embargos that come either on day of release, or after it. It appears that this is happening with WWE 2K16, and the worry has already set in.

Evidence of community worry can be seen on Reddit and the 2K forums with those who have pre-ordered already questioning whether they should get a refund. While this is understandable it is also somewhat of an overreaction.

Just because a publisher has decided to restrict reviews does not mean that the game will be bad. What will be interesting though is if early copies of the game are made available to people not under the embargo and they reveal what they think of it. While not official “critic reviews” these opinions obviously matter and will reveal what the publishers of the game may or may not be trying to hide.

Are there other reasons to hold back reviews other than potential bad reviews? Obviously yes, and one of these reasons could be the multiplayer aspect of the game. If reviewers don’t have access to this area of the game and are unable to give their thoughts on it, then the reviews may be unintentionally lacking important information. This often happens, though reviewers to their credit often reveal their initial thoughts and wait to give the game a final review after getting more of a feel for the game in its complete form.

Whether these embargo issues are a sign of the game being poor, leading to a lack of confidence in the product, or for some other reason, it will be interesting to see what the final opinions are.

Have you pre-ordered WWE 2K16? Are you considering cancelling that order like some other buyers are? Let us know your thoughts below.