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How Much of Halo 5: Guardians is Playable as Master Chief? Find Out Here

With the imminent release of Halo 5: Guardians many are looking forward to playing as Master Chief and getting into the heat of battle. The question is though just how much of the game do you play as the character?

While the list revealed below won’t feature spoilers, it is fair to say that it does reveal a fact about the game that some won’t want to revealing. So with that fact in mind, here is the spoiler warning to stop you reading any further.

Now that we’ve had the warning, here are the details that some may not like. This is probably also why people streaming the story missions over the last week haven’t been able to play past the third mission, as it reveals this issue.

AttackOfTheFanboy revealed today that when playing Halo 5: Guardians you’ll only play three out of the fifteen missions as Master Chief himself, the others will be focused on Fireteam Osiris in their search for Blue Team. Here is the mission list and which teams they focus on:

Osiris – Fireteam Osiris
Blue Team – Blue Team
Glassed – Fireteam Osiris
Meridian Station – Fireteam Osiris
Unconfirmed – Fireteam Osiris
Evacuation – Fireteam Osiris
Reunion – Blue Team
Swords of Sanghelios – Fireteam Osiris
Alliance – Fireteam Osiris
Enemy Lines – Fireteam Osiris
Before the Storm – Fireteam Osiris
Battle of Sunaion – Fireteam Osiris
Genesis – Fireteam Osiris
The Breaking – Blue Team
Guardians – Fireteam Osiris

As the game focuses on the search for Blue Team this actually makes sense, but it may not be the news that Master Chief fans want to hear. The simple fact is they play the game to play as him, and to remove the focus away will be a disappointment.

Are you disappointed that you won’t be playing as Master Chief as much as you would have liked? Or do you understand that for the sake of the story, the focus has to be on Fireteam Osiris? Let us know your thoughts below.