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Horizon Zero Dawn Story, Maturity and Accessibility Discussed

Horizon Zero Dawn was definitely one of the most like titles at this year’s E3, but the developers have kept the details of the game’s story under the wraps so far.

Senior Producer for the game, Mark Norris, did hint at a few things recently.

Explaining how open world games fall into two categories, the narrative driven titles that focus on the character and build up around him/ her (Witcher, Assassin’s Creed) or the ones that are actually telling the story of the world (Skyrim, Fallout 4), he said that Horizon Zero Dawn was both!

Our game, actually, it has both. The main story revolves around Aloy. She’s one of the reasons why we’re a single player only game. We want to tell the story of Aloy. But we also want to tell the story of the machines, the story of the world, the story of these tribes, and you’ll get those inside of quests, in open world activities, collectibles and other things.

Moving on, he also added that making the game accessible i.e. the goal of a producer, and making it incredibly mature, incredibly sophisticated, and incredibly deep i.e. the creative’s goal on the game are often clashing against each other.

Although he added that in the case of Horizon Zero Dawn they are actually at a stage now where they are balancing between the two elements inside the game.

So we need to strike a balance, between telling a story that is rich, immersive and very deep, with a story that does have a level of accessibility, but I think we’re gonna find that point. I think right now we’re balancing it.