Festival of the Lost Brings More Eververse Trading Co. Microtransactions to Destiny

Destiny will be celebrating Halloween in its own special style with the Festival of the Lost. This will take place October 26 until November 9, but what it also brings with it is some more microtransactions.

The items which will be available through the Eververse Trading Co. will include:

  • A Zombie Dance emote (700 silver)
  • Monster Dance emote (500 silver)
  • Boo emote (300 silver)
  • Treasures of the Lost – Chests (200 silver) including loot:
    • Guaranteed Content:
      • Random Legendary Mask
    • Possible Contents
      • Paper Glue
      • Jackolyte
      • Flight of Shadows
      • Skull Mask
      • Random Festival Candy
      • Paper Scraps

The Zombie Dance emote will not be available for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 consoles, this will have to be used on either the Xbox or PlayStation 4.

These purchases that can be made using microtransactions will be part of the Festival of the Lost. This will be available as a live event for all owners of Destiny: The Taken King. It will include Quests, new items, gear, and the Eververse Trading Co. items. Once the event is over these items will no longer be available.

What is not revealed is if the items you purchased using the microtransactions will be kept after the event. The Legendary Mask made available in the Treasures of the Lost will be safe though as only rare masks will be removed after the live event.

It will be interesting to see how many of the Eververse Trading Co. items will be bought over this festival, I’m sure that the emotes will be popular, though if they are removed when the even finishes, this may disappoint players. Especially if they’ve uses real world money to buy these items.

What are your thoughts on the use of microtransactions during the game? Is it just a necessary evil? Let us know your view on the matter below.