Battlefield 4 Community Operations Coming Tomorrow

While you would assume that with the release of Battlefield: Hardline, focus would be taken away from Battlefield 4, EA and DICE have continued to support with the game with extra content. In fact, with the new Community Operations DLC they’ve worked with the actual players to create new content.

Through feedback and suggestions from the Battlefield 4 community, the new jungle based map will be coming to Battlefield 4 along with its Fall Update. In the new cinematic trailer, you get to see a hint of what to expect, which looks very impressive.

The map included with Community Operations is Operation Outbreak, which takes place in a dense jungle. Battles will take place around an abandoned medical facility, an ancient temple, as well as a few other landmarks that can be used for cover.

In Operation Outbreak there will also be a focus on infantry. In the trailer we can see vehicles used such as RHIB’s on the river and quad bikes. Game modes will also include Conquest, Rush, Gun Master, Chain Link, and more.

What is interesting about Community Operations isn’t just that it is being released free, but the level of community interaction in the development of the map. DICE have listened to what the fans want, given them access to test the map and created something for the community itself, not just another way to make a quick buck from gamers.

It will be interesting if more developers take notice of this, and offer the same level of interaction in improving on existing games. To be fair to many companies, they do offer this kind of support as well, but with the level of success we are seeing with Community Operations it’s a good way to highlight what can be done.

Are you impressed with Community Operations? Will you be loading up your copy of Battlefield 4 to give it a try? Let us know your thoughts below.