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A Riot Games Account Was Allegedly Hacked by Boosting Service

In an interesting turn of events people have seen a Riot Games account being hacked and used to spam links of a boosting service, among other things on the boards

According to the reports we have picked up, the account was seen posting advertisements for elo boosting and “potentially a scripting website.”

The Reddit user who spotted the hacked account says that “at first we thought it might have just been a bot, but there was an instance in which the account also responded to another boards user in addition to spamming threads on multiple sub-sections of the boards.”

This is a pretty rare occurrence which has raised a number of questions. If a Riot Games account has been hacked did it mean that there has been a security breach? Or could it be just a red who paid for the spamming?

More importantly, the question being raised is that how safe is the personal information of the general user base considering that we are talking about a Riot Games account being allegedly hacked.

We are not suggesting that something drastic has gone wrong, but the incident begs curiosity.

Did you notice anything suspicious on the League of Legends boards in the recent days? Tell us if you did and let’s see if we should be worried or not.