Xbox One Trade Offer is Back; Bring Your PS3, Xbox 360 Now!

Okay so if you are still stuck with your old PS3 or Xbox 360, and wish to get in on the latest generation of consoles, GameStop is offering you a good trade-in.

The Xbox One Trade Offer is back at the retailer! This time they are letting you swap your old consoles for an credit towards your purchase of the new console:

$100 credit toward the purchase of a new Xbox One System when you sell us your PS3(120GB or greater) or your Xbox 360 (250GB or greater). See store associates for details. Offer valid 10/19 – 11/21.

This is good since the offer is going to continue for another 28 days which means you can easily arrange for the rest of the money you will need to make the purchase.

However, GameStop has clarified that the Xbox One Trade Offer requires that your “hardware must have all necessary components for trade.” It is also “not valid toward cash trades,” and in order to avail the full promised value you will have to provide the retailer with a console that is in full working condition.

If your console is defective, it might still get traded-in but for a lesser value.

Last but not the least, the Xbox One Trade Offer is live only in United States, Puerto Rico and Guam.