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Sonic Runners Dev Apologizes for Naming a Character “Boob”

Sonic Runners has been out in the markets since February 25, 2015 which is hilarious because the game developers only just noticed that they had made a scandalous mistake in it.

A special character which was attached to the Special Halloween Stage of the game was supposed to be named “Boo,” but for some odd reason, the game shipped with the character’s name reading “Boob.”

Whether this was an intentional fuck up by one of their developers or an involuntary typing error based on what was going through the developer’s mind at the time of naming the character remains to be seen.

However, the Sonic Team has issued an official apology too all the Sonic Runners fans.

In the current ‘Halloween Special Stage’ event the character ‘Boo’ has been incorrectly named ‘Boob’. We are currently working on a fix for this error and hope to have one implemented shortly.

The Sonic Runners team apologises for any inconvenience caused and hopes to see you again soon in the world of Sonic Runners!

It might not have been a big issue if Sonic Runners was a game primarily played by adults, but we all know that Sonic titles are pretty famous among kids. An apology was the least that the developers could do.