Heroes of the Storm World Championship Schedule, Groups, Hosts and Casters Revealed

Being a HotS player, we are sure you will be looking forward to the first ever Heroes of the Storm World Championship. The game has grown considerably when it comes to popularity, and now we are at a place where a world championship would make sense.

So here we are with the initial details on the event.

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the schedule, groups, hosts and casters for the Heroes of the Storm World Championship. There are going to be a total of eight teams that will lock horns for a prize pool of $500,000.

The championship’s group stage starts on October 28 which will lead to elimination matches at BlizzCon. The group stage, commencing at 1:30pm PDT/4:30pm EDT, is going to consist of “best of three” clashes.

Thereafter, at BlizzCon you will see the finalists being chosen starting November 6th at 4:00pm PST/7:00pm EST.

As far as the groupings are concerned, there will be two groups of four in the Heroes of the Storm World Championship. Group A has Cloud9, Logi GIA, Team Dignitas and Team YL, while Group B has Brave Heart, Natus Vincere, Team DK KR and Tempo/Storm.

A total of eight hosts and casters will run the event namely Anna Prosser, Babeal, Cooby, Gillyweed, Grubby, Kaelaris, SolidJake and ToD.

Watch this space for more information.