Destiny: King’s Fall Hard Mode Gets You Ascendant Plane Legendary Shader

The King’s Fall raid of Destiny has been live since a month now; previously, players were trying to beat the raid itself and managed to do so as quickly as in 34 minutes, but then the Hard Mode was released.

Destiny: The King’s Fall Hard Mode went live yesterday i.e. October 23, 2015 and it has already been beaten by a number of Guardians.

However, that is not what this is about. We are here to tell you about the LEgendary Shader that you get upon beating the Hard Mode of the raid.

Thanks to the guys who have actually managed to beat it, we now know that you are looking at the Ascendant Plane Legendary Armor Shader. This shader lets you change the color of your armor of course and comes with the same requirements as the New Monarchy Shaders. You can check it out in the image below.

Destiny The King's Fall Raid Hard Mode Legendary Shader Ascendant Plane
Destiny The King’s Fall Raid Hard Mode Legendary Shader Ascendant Plane

While it is a fact that it has not been long since the release of Destiny: The King’s Fall Hard Mode, people were still able to beat it on the day of launch. Read more about this here.

In parallel news, it has been confirmed (finally) that Trials of Osiris are going to return to Destiny on October 30. A nasty bug had caused a delay in launch.