Could Street Fighter 5 Support Virtual Reality?

Okay so no one has said anything about this before, but we have stumbled upon the file dump of Street Fighter 5 beta over the internet and there might be something in there.

If you check out the link to the file dump here, you will see that it mentions something about SteamVR. You will have to locate the term in the countless lines, but if you want us to help, you can check out the line number 21.

While this is not the most solid evidence that Street Fighter 5 will support SteamVR or any virtual reality headset for that matter, it still is a hint towards the possibility.

That being said, since the game is being developed for PC and PlayStation 4, and we are talking about the HTC made SteamVR, it suggests that even if the VR support is coming for the game it is going to be dedicated to the PC version of the game.

Keep in mind that all this is based on unofficial news, rumors and pure speculation which is why anything could be true. We suggest you dig all you want into this but do not expect anything until something is made official.

Nonetheless, we will be updating you about the possibility of VR support on Street Fighter 5 as soon as something comes up.