WWE 2K16 Universe Mode Changes and Features Detailed

WWE 2K16 releases on October 27, 2015 i.e. in just four days from now. While the developers are almost done with telling us what the game is about, one major portion the Universe Mode was left, but the developers have shared tons of details on it now.

Firstly, the developers have confirmed that “the match generation system has been overhauled,” and now “players shouldn’t see the same card when comparing Universes with their friends.” Also, players will be able to assign superstars to shows.

They have also added more depth to the WWE 2K16 Universe Mode:

We’ve added more Universe cutscenes and revamped a large portion of the storylines to focus more on quality over quantity. Between pay-per-views one would traditionally see around two possible story instances for a character’s path. Now those branching-instance possibilities jump up to ten, creating far more variety in storylines.

The new personality system in WWE 2K16 Universe Mode is also going to allow number of stats to have an impact on traits and actions. Loyal vs. treacherous, respectful vs. disrespectful, and discipline vs. aggression are some of the examples.

Players will be able to change these traits of wrestlers away from their real world traits by making them do contrasting things.

Then there are Status Effects that will have major impact on the flow of the WWE 2K16 Universe Mode:

Status effects are temporary bonuses and penalties that are triggered through gameplay or storylines. The most common effects temporarily boost a Superstar’s attributes, which are triggered by winning streaks and winning big pay-per-view matches in rivalries.

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