Nissan Making a Car into a Game Controller to Play PES 2016

While the most important thing for a car to do is to give the driver a safe drive, they can be made to do other things too. In a strange move it appears that Nissan are turning one of their cars into a games controller that can play PES 2016.

While your first thought maybe why? Watching the video, you can see some method behind the madness in what they are doing. Taking the car model Nissan Qashqai, they are showing off how much precision the car has. Why use a football game to do this? Well maybe they are football fans, but I’m sure drivers who would use a car as a controller would rather try out a driving game.

Behind it all there is obviously a sponsorship deal behind what they are doing, as you can tell from the wording they used to announce the little experiment:

“Nissan’s Project Controller is an interactive expedition to turn a Nissan Crossover into a Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 controller – for the first time in the history of gaming,” reads a press release issued on behalf of Nissan. “Its mission is to drive football.”

Nissan are one of the sponsors of the UEFA Super Cup and UEFA Champions League so this is obviously where the focus on football comes from. With the “controller” being released on November during the Champions League game between Malmo FF and Paris Saint-Germain I’m sure we’ll see more on this at that time.

Would you control a game like PES 2016 with a car? What game would you like to play in that way? Let us know your thoughts below.