New Bloodborne The Old Hunters Details Arrive, Environment, How to Access and More Discussed

Bloodborne the old Hunters is around a month away from release, so to give some more details about the expansion Sony has shared a FAQ on it official website.

According to details extracted from the FAQ, The Old Hunters “depicts a nightmare world where the old hunters are captured It includes new areas, weapons, mysteries, items, and costumes.”

It was also noted that those who don’t own the base game won’t be able to play The Old Hunters. In short, it isn’t a standalone expansion. Also, online interaction will be limited to the areas of the base game between those own The Old Hunters and those with only the base game.

In order to access areas from The Older Hunters, players will have to obtain an object called Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter. It appears in the Hunter’s Dream when you reach a certain point in the game.

New trophies will be added and players will be able to use saved data from a cleared game of Bloodborne.

Bloodborne The Old Hunters will release on November 24 exclusively on PlayStation 4.