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Metal Gear Online Lag, Levels, Disconnections and More Addressed by Devs

Konami has recently made a series of tweets on the official Twitter of Metal Gear Online, finally addressing the long list of problems that fans are facing.

Talking about players being disconnected from a match before it starts or during progress, they added:

While this issue is sometimes common for online titles, we have made some adjustments and will continue to look for ways to reduce the frequency of a player disconnect.

It is a common complaint among players that different actions get delayed due to network lag from player to player; this includes CQC grabs issues. However, rest assured that the developers “are considering some specific adjustments to CQC to counter this concern. It is likely however that some visual mismatch will still occur from time to time”

Talking of character level being reset to a lower level or 0 when logging in, the Metal Gear Online developers said that restarting the game might fix the issue but a proper fix in in the works.

The issue of exaggerated amount of XP being received by some players after a match has been fixed. Although past victims should contact Konami personally for help.

There are dozens of other issues in Metal Gear Online that they have either addressed or promised a fix for; you can read up on all of them here.