HTC Vive: December 8 Launch Date Might Have Been Confirmed

We have been kept under the dark all along about the exact release plans of HTC Vive, however, a recent interview might have dropped something on that front.

Bartosza ┼╗uka, the Product Commercialization Manager for HTC was recently interviewed where he was asked when we will get more information on the launch date of the virtual reality headset.

In his reply, Zuka said that HTC Vive will “premiere” on December 8. Now he did not say what exactly was meant by premiering here, but we do know that the headset is going to get a limited quantity launch some time soon and before the official release.

It could be that by referring to the premiere, Zuka was originally talking about the launch of that limited run.

However, the HTC Vive headset is yet to be officially unveiled which suggests that by using the term premiere, the Product Commercialization Manager for HTC was actually saying that they will officially reveal the product on December 8.

Interestingly, the December 8 date has been mentioned for the said premiere of HTC Vive in another interview too. Incidentally, both interviews were in Polish language.