Here is Why Final Fantasy XV Lead Characters Dress in Black

By now you sure have noticed that all of the lead characters in Final Fantasy XV wear black cloths. Many may not have given any thought as to why that is the case.

But, for those who want to know why all of them are dressed in black, Hajime Tabata has an explanation. According to him, black is the official battle dress for the Kingdom of Lucis.

The clothing worn by the four main characters is the official battle gear of the Kingdom of Lucis.
Noctis is a member of the royal family and the other three characters are parts of various Lucian national organisations and they are each wearing the specific battle dress relevant to their individual stations.

Tabata says that Black is considered as a very special color in Lucis. This is the reason why members of the royal family and “those in occupations closely tied to them are unified by having black as a base colouring”

This part of the lore is the reason why the outfits of all four main characters are black. For the finished game we also intend on having their clothing having effects in battle and not just being a part of the world and its background. So watch out for that too!

Good to know.

Final Fantasy XV will release (hopefully) sometime during our lifespan on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.