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Fallout Beer Announced, Drink Up and Play Fallout 4

Bethesda has announced Fallout Beer in collaboration with Carlsberg UK. The beer is available to order now and will cost buyers £29.99 for 330 ml (Case of 12).

The product is only available in the United Kingdom, but fans will surely want something like to for other regions as well. It’s a great way to kick-off long sessions of Fallout 4, which is heading your way on November 10.

In a statement made by Bruce Ray, Corporate Affairs Director at Carlsberg UK:

This is something of a world-first. Adult participation in video gaming is a truly social activity, on a par with cinema and music. We’re proud to work with Bethesda to produce a beer Fallout fans can enjoy.

Amazon will sell Fallout Beer to customers of the age 18 or above.