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Fallout 4 Has Gone Gold in 27 Different Varieties

Fallout 4 is just weeks away, the hype is building up, and Bethesda had some good news to share. Everything has gone to plan and the game is now “gold” meaning that it is ready for release.

To tease fans with what’s to come Bethesda took to Twitter to share the good news:

Now we await the news of how big the day-one patch will be, and of course how good the reviews will be for the game. If you were wondering what the “27 versions” are, don’t worry about any confusion there. This is simply that there are nine regional versions of the game, and three formats meaning that this is how many different versions will be shipping around the world.

Now that the game is gold and ready to be sent out, physical copies will be shipped out ready for release day to make sure that they arrive on time for sale, and to be sent out to people who have pre-ordered the game. As long as nothing holds up these deliveries that should mean that you’ll be able to pick up your copy.

Whether you are getting a limited edition like the Pip-Boy edition or just getting a regular copy, the game is ready and we are finally going to get to play Fallout 4. Hopefully the game will live up to what people expect from it, and we won’t be disappointed.

Are you looking forward to Fallout 4? Let us know your thoughts below.