DICE Reveal More Statistics About the Star Wars Battlefront Beta

DICE already revealed how successful the beta for Star Wars Battlefront was but today they’ve released some more interesting statistics. Including facts like how many minutes the beta was played.

In the infographic that has been revealed you can see below there are many details shared. One of the most outrageous claim is that 1.6 billion minutes were played, which can be compared to watching the original Star Wars trilogy 4.2 million times.


Obviously to come up with a claim like that they’ve taken all players who have tried the game, added together all the minutes they played then based it on that. With 9.5 million having tried it, this claim then starts to make sense.

Some of the other statistics revealed about the beta include:

  • Darth Vader was spawned 5,938,148 times
  • Luke Skywalker spawned 5,904,806 times
  • Force choke kills (by Vader) 1,379,319 times
  • Number of AT-ATs destroyed – 783,392 times

There are a few other statistics revealed on the infographic that are just as impressive, but as always when revealing this information, the negative aspects are hidden. It would be interesting to see how mismatched the rebels were for example and how many times in total they actually managed to win.

For most people the only important set of numbers will be when the game is released when they can start playing it. This will be November 17 (North America) and November 19 in Europe, so less than a month away.

Did you notice anything interesting about the Star Wars Battlefront beta statistics? What were your own statistics for the demo? Did you have much success? Let us know your thoughts on them below.