Destiny’s King’s Fall Hard Mode Already Beaten

Bungie have revealed the first people to complete King’s Fall Hard Mode in Destiny. With the event starting today, it’s not taken long for this to happen.

The achievement was revealed on Twitter on the official Bungie account:

Though looking at the replies that the announcement the fact it was done so quickly was not so impressive. Also, as can happen in multiplayer games like Destiny the egos seem a little out of control with claims of them being “sore winners”.

The fact that a “Hard Mode” can be beaten so quickly is obviously going to be disappointing to some, especially with the hype such events are given. It will be interesting to see how much time it takes on average by other groups attempting to Raid to see if it was completed just as easy.

The King’s Fall Hard Mode is the final Raid from The Taken King extension, but as the name suggest a much harder experience. With the hype being that it would be a much harder experience and require higher level Guardians to take on such an event, if it is made to look easy by the players then obviously there will be some disappointment by fans. If less experienced players find it harder though, maybe things won’t look as bad.

Have you tried The King’s Fall Hard Mode yet? Did it live up to the hype? Let us know your thoughts below.