Destiny Trials of Osiris Returns on October 30: Bungie

The return of Destiny: Trials of Osiris was delayed by Bungie due to a nasty bug that was wrecking the game. After keeping the fans hanging about the relaunching date, the developers have finally confirmed that you will be able to play it starting October 30.

While talking about the new content that is going to be deployed in Destiny, Deej, the community manager of Bungie also confirmed the launch date of Trials of Osiris:

While you wait for us to deploy the products of our fresh labor, you can also look forward to the promised return of Trials of Osiris. Now that Nightstalkers have been brought back down to the level playing field, Brother Vance is as ready to fire up the Lighthouse as you are to go there.

The competition resumes on Friday, October 30th. Mark your calendars. Upgrade your weapons. Stand together or die alone.

The fact that Bungie has given us an exact date suggests that the bugs they had found in Destiny: Trials of Osiris have either been quashed or it won’t take long before they get rid of them.

You can read up on the rest of the weekly update by visiting the official website of Bungie here.