Destiny to Get Crucible Fix in November plus Other Patch News

Destiny is an ever evolving game that sees plenty of updates to keep it running well. This includes patches to make things easier and more rewarding for the players.

Bungie have updated the fans on the latest progress made with patches, and what will be coming in the near future and revealed that with the release which will be coming in November around Thanksgiving in America will see changes to the Crucible with a few fixes being added. This will be to make the Crucible more rewarding to less dedicated players who want some gratification from their hard work.

What this will lead to for everybody is the chance to get some Legendary drops, which at this time appears to have a bug around it. When this is fixed, expect some interesting results in the form of rewarding loot.

In more news surrounding bug fixed, patch that should be available now fixes the Shadowshots bug:

“Nightstalker Hunter

  • Temporarily removed the extra shots from Quiver to avoid unlimited Shadowshots
    • This is a temporary fix, and the node will be restored in a fixed state in an upcoming patch”

While this is a “fix” a better solution will be coming in the near future. I’m sure there are plenty of players who won’t be happy at losing the extra shots. When the full fix is released this should be returned to normal.

The patch also included some fixes to the King’s Fall Hard Mode that will be happening today:

  • “King’s Fall Hard Mode will be available at 10AM on 10/23
  • Recommended Light is 310
  • King’s Fall Hard Mode has the following changes:
    • King’s Fall Hard Mode rewards will drop up to 320 Light
    • Oryx in Hard Mode will guarantee a Raid item drop each week, without requiring Moldering Shards
    • Oryx in Normal mode will still require Moldering Shards
    • Moldering Shards can drop in King’s Fall Hard Mode, but only if a character hasn’t cleared King’s Fall Normal for the week”

So hopefully everything will be running smoothly with that too.

What are your thoughts on some of the number of patches Destiny gets? Are they improving the game? Let us know below.