Zombies Campaign Footage from Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Leaked

The release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is only two weeks away, and fans are eager to finally get to play the full game. So eager in fact that some appear to have a copy of it already.

In a video that you can view here what we appear to see is somebody playing the Zombies Campaign, this year called Shadows of Evil. While we don’t see much it gives a taste of the gameplay that will be featured in the game. Particularly interesting will be the amount of talking the character being played is doing.

After the few seconds of gameplay is shown the player then focuses on the game disc itself, which is obviously to show they have a copy and are playing it. This is interesting because if reviewers have access to the game right now they will of course be under embargos meaning they can’t reveal information or gameplay like this user appears to be doing.

Obviously Treyarch and Activision won’t be happy with this leak, so don’t expect the video to be available for too long. In truth though, the quality of is so bad they may not even bother to have it taken down. I’m sure we’ll see if they are going to take action soon.

Whether they do or not, what is on show does look interesting and more importantly very colourful. It also seems to be legitimate gameplay based on the trailers and screenshots already revealed for Shadows of Evil.

Did you watch the footage? What did you think of the gameplay shown? Let us know your thoughts below.