Supermassive Games Hint Until Dawn DLC Rumours Have Some Truth Behind Them

Yesterday we reported on the rumour that an “on-rails” Until Dawn DLC was coming. While not actually revealing any details about it, Supermassive may have confirmed that something is in the works.

This was revealed today in an AMA with Supermassive Games’ Will Byles and Tom Heaton. When asked about the rumours surrounding the Rush of Blood DLC they replied:

“We’re not able to discuss these rumours today. Sorry.”

Which basically insinuates that there is some truth behind that. Though later when specifically asked about DLC they replied:

“We’ve seen them too and they’re great. But we are not currently working on any DLC for Until Dawn at the moment.”

So what could this mean? Well there are a few answers to this. It could mean that Rush of Blood is not specifically a follow on from Until Dawn itself but uses the engine in some form, or could be a separate game in its own right.

It is interesting that they can’t talk about the rumour though, which does add fuel to the fire. Why can’t they talk about something if it was just a rumour? The simple answer to this the company are working on something, which may be the “on-rails” game and it has support for PlayStation VR. If this was to be used as a way to sell the headsets, then they would hold back any details for now, so not to ruin the big reveal.

This is all speculation of course, but Byles and Heaton not shutting down the rumours and simply saying there is no truth in them, then they have opened a can of worms. Now to see what Rush of Blood will actually be.

What are your thoughts on Rush of Blood? Will it be an extension to Until Dawn? Let us know your opinion below.