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Rainbow Six Siege Will Have an Additional In-game Currency Called, Rainbow Credits

In a new interview, one of the Rainbow Six Siege developers talked about in-game currencies. He explained that there are two in-game currencies, Renown and Rainbow Credits.

Speaking about Renown, he explained:

So the Renown is really what we’re kind of supposed to showcase today but I don’t think we actually kind of went into it because it was all, it was on LAN, so we weren’t really going into it too much—but it’s essentially an in-game currency that is how you level up in the game and gives you access to operators, gives you access to weapon skins, etc, etc…

So players can use this currency to buy skins etc, but what about Rainbow Credits? This is where things get interesting and somewhat concerning. When asked about Rainbow Credits, the developer refrained from talking about it.

The developer being interviewed said that they will reveal more when they share further plans for future DLCs. We can only hope that Rainbow Credits won’t allow users to buy items that’ll impact gameplay. We can’t say anything about how these work until more details arrive.

You can check out the entire interview above.